Audio and video meditation instruction for the FWBO mitra study course the way of mindfulness (course text available here on freebuddhistaudio).

overview of the course - click to play/download meditation audio & video files (note that some files are not yet linked, page still under construction)

Unit 1. The context & crucial role of mindfulness
how mindfulness fits into Buddhist doctrine & its central role in Buddhist practice
anapanasati - mindfulness of breathing (audio, 20m)

Unit 2. The key practices of mindfulness

clarifying what mindfulness practice is, what you actually do, & where you do it.
general introduction to walking meditation (video, 20m)

Unit 3. The Nature & Experience of Embodiment

look more experientially into the reality & significance of the physical body (kaya).
awareness of the parts of the body: body scan (audio, 20m)
walking meditation:

Unit 4. Feeling – the subtle key

experience & understand the significance of feeling (vedana) & mind (citta).
anapanasati focusing on feeling

Unit 5. Mindfulness in depth

Mindfulness of dhammas (objects of mind) in the training context of the Hindrances & Skandhas.
Walking and sitting meditation:
    Karuna bhavana

    Unit 6. Insight

    transformation through mindfulness of dhammas referring to the six sense bases, the factors of awakening & the four noble truths.

    USEFUL FILES for the Course

    A Course Overview (new!)

    Diagram showing the structure of the Satipatthana Sutta

    The stages of the Anapanasati Sutta with points of approach for practising each of the stages