In the Western Buddhist Order the point at which the essence of Dharma is formally transmitted is the private ordination ceremony. The preceptor introduces the person being ordained to one of the forms of the Awakened mind associated with our tradition. They are given an associated meditation practice known as a sadhana, and a Dharma name.

This material is a little out of date. I teach in a somewhat different way now (and, I think, better) but I don't have any of the newer stuff in written form yet. I will post it here when I do.

1.  Talks given at Vajraloka and Taraloka 1997-2001
These informal talks were given on Order meditation retreats some years ago and may be inaccurate in places. 
1. Everything is an experience
2. The heart is indestructible
3. Visualisation stages and general points
4. How to reflect
5. Connecting with the Buddha
6. The subtle body
7. summary points on sadhana
Zip file of all seven talks (46k, Word 6 format)

2. General Talks on Sadhana
Given before my long retreat in 2001
Visualisation and Insight
Reflections on relative reality, ego identification, the beautiful, rupa/sunyata, existence/non-existence, non-self & unselfishness.
Sadhana in the Western Buddhist Order
Talk to Order members in Birmingham given 2001, roughly – very full, includes much of then current thinking as given in talks 1-7