I'm the President of three FWBO centres: Buddhafield (if you can call it a centre!), Vajraloka Buddhist Meditation Centre, and the West London Buddhist Centre. I'm very proud to have a longstanding personal connection with each of these amazing Dharma realms and with the fantastic people who keep them alive.

My role is completely non-administrative and non-responsible. I am someone they can call on for feedback or advice (as best I can) and because of my many connections in the movement, I provide a kind of channel for communication.

Through my friendship and connections with other senior Sangha members I provide a link with the roots of our tradition. Buddhafield, Vajraloka and West London keep me informed of what is going on and send me records of meetings and annual accounts. I regularly visit to keep in touch, and consider myself to be something of a patron. I like what these people do, and want to support their activities.
A centre's President is independent of its administrative structures. He or she has no personal interest as, say, a Trustee or other charity official.

So the President can be a good person to approach as a mediator in sensitive issues that are hard to take up directly with the centre. As centre President in West London, Vajraloka and Buddhafield, I know their chair and many of their council members, and I'm informed about most current issues. I am in a good position to bring matters to their attention, so I can help if you need me to.